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Hornby and Brough Shows

Brough results>

Brough champion: S & P Brogden's ewe

Hornby results>

Hornby Champion: M Staley's ewe

Lunesdale Show


Champion: GJ & L Taylor

Photo of the Champion

champion at lunesdale

Oakehampton Show


Champion: J Garthwaite's ewe lamb

Plumridge Show


Champion E Haughey Aged Ram

Gilsland Show


Champion: L Smith

Antrim and Rydale Show Results

Antrim results:>

Champion:   Mrs J Loughridge's Ewe

Ryedale results:>

Champion: J Allinson

Great Yorkshire Show

Champion: TW Hutchinson's Ewe


Shows results - RHS, Northumberland & Buckden

Royal Highland
Champion: A Slack - Aged Ram

Champion: K & SM Johnson

champion from K Johnson

Champion: M & I Close

Nematodirus battus

As part of a project researching white drench resistance in Nematodirus battus, we are investigating potential risk factors which may influence the development and spread of resistance in this species.

White drench resistance in Nematodirus battus was only identified recently, in 2010. Our research to date suggests that the genes which code for this resistance are widespread at low levels throughout the UK populations (~3%) with focal regions of higher resistance gene frequency (up to 97%). We hope to gather information on the current management strategies in use to control Nematodirus in an attempt to highlight any practices which are associated with the development and dissemination of resistance in this roundworm species.

As your society is well known throughout the farming community, we would appreciate it if you would be willing to help this project by disseminating the questionnaire link to your members either by social media or email.


Many thanks,

Lynsey Melville
PhD student
Moredun Research Institute

Eastgate Show


Champion:-  Harrison/Prescott tup shearling

Tan Hill Show


Champion :- J Richardson's gimmer shearling

Otley Show Results

Class 104 – Ram any age: 1 & 2 J H Ryder & Sons  
Class 105 – Gimmer Hogg: 1 & 2 J H Ryder & Sons; 3 F R A Caton
Class 106 – Gimmer Shearling or Ewe: 1 & 2 J H Ryder & Sons
Class 107 – Best Fleeced Sheep: 1 J H Ryder & Sons; 2 J K Wilson    
Champion – J H Ryder & Sons
Res Champion - J H Ryder & Sons


Mungrisdale and High Force Shows.

Mungrisdale results>

Champion m/s Cockbain Gimmer Hog

High Force results>

Champion P Sowerby Tup Hog


Sheep Watch UK Conference 3rd June

SheepWatchUK Conference takes place in Loughborough on 3rd June.

We need farmers and smallholders to attend - it is free.  We need to have their stories please.  We have lots of people there that can help us make a difference but without the shepherds, we cannot explain how serious this problem is.

We have records of over 900 dead sheep from dog attacks so far this year. More info at:


Results from Royal Ulster Show

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Champion - EJ Haughey's Ewe

Show and Sale of Swaledale female sheep (ewes, shearlings and gimmer hoggs) at Kirkby Stephen - report

Sale Report>


Show and Sale of Swaledale female sheep (ewes, shearlings and gimmer hoggs) at Hawes - report

Sale Report >


Special Sale Reports 2016

Hawes In Lamb Ewes

Kirkby Stephen In Lamb Ewes

Show Results 2016

Royal Ulster

Show Champions 2016

Brough - S&P Brogden ewe
Hornby -
M Staley ewe
- GJ & L Taylor
Oakehampton - J Garthwaite ewe lamb
Plumridge -
E Haughey Aged Ram
Gilsland -
L Smith
Antrim -
Mrs Loughridge Ewe
Ryedale -
J Allison
TW Hutchinson - Ewe
- A Slack - Aged Ram
Northumberland - K & SM Johnson
Buckden - M & I Close
Eastgate -  Harrison/Prescott tup shearling
Tan Hill - J Richardson's gimmer shearling
Otley - J H Ryder & Sons
Middleton - P & K Sowerby - Tup Hog
Mungrisdale - Cockbain - Gimmer Hog
RUAS - Haughey - Ewe

Show Champions 2015

Bentham WH & M Hutchinson's Ewe
Langdon Beck J Richardson's Gimmer Shearling
R Walton's Gimmer Shearling
M Ewebank's Gimmer Shearling
Hodder Valley Arnold Lancaster 's Gimmer Shearling 
R Hutchinson & Son's Gimmer Shearling
IS Bell's Ewe
P Dixon's aged tup
JW Porter & Sons & T Robinson & Sons 2 shear tup
Wensleydale B Dixon and J Dixon's 2 shear tup
JR Dalton's Gimmer Shearling
P Capstick
JW Gorst aged tup
S & P Brogden's Ewe
GJ & L Taylor
P Heard's tup lamb
W Watson
Cleveland A Fawbert's Gimmer Shearling
Mrs Loughridge's Aged Ram
Great Yorkshire
TW Hutchinson's gimmer shearling
Buckden Gala
Royal Highland
- Messers Brogden's shearling ewe
- P Walton's Ewe
Eastgate - MW Skidmore Ltd's Tup Hog
Tan Hill
- P Hallam's Gimmer Shearling
- JR Dalton - Tup Hog
-Mrs J Loughridge's aged ram
Mungrisdale - P Morris-Eyton Gimmer hog
Otley - JH Ryder & Sons - Ewe
High Force - P Walton Ewe