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News from A District AGM…..

David Allinson was re-elected as Chairman, Peter Walton as Vice-Chairman and Caroline Colling as Secretary.

Council members to be approved at the main AGM in June are Gordon Bayles and Andrew Harrison.

Date of Middleton-in-Teesdale Ram Sale was confirmed as 14th October 2020.


News from B District AGM……

Malcolm Allison was re-elected Chairman, Steven Porter as Vice-Chairman, and David Alderson as Secretary.

Council members elected to continue their terms in office, to be approved at the main AGM in June are Steven Porter and Jack Wade.

Kevin Huck was appointed to the District Committee.

Hawes Ram Sale Dates are:

Aged Rams – October 15th, Show 10am, Sale 11am
Shearling Rams – October 28th & 29th


News from the C District AGM ….

Alan Alderson was re-elected as Chairman, Thomas Brogden as Vice-Chairman and Wilf Buckle was elected for his 40th year as being Secretary.

Committee members were re-elected enbloc and representatives to go on Council to be approved at the main AGM in June are Will Cockbain and Tom Robinson.


News from D District AGM……

Adam Watson was re-elected as Chairman, Greg Dalton as Vice-Chairman.

After 5 years as Secretary, Muriel Hennessy stood down and Fay Johnson took over the helm (pictured).

Council Members to be approved at the SSBA AGM in June are Maurice Oxley and James Pritchard.


News from E District AGM….

Reg Peirson was re-elected Chairman and Andy Fawbert as Vice-Chairman with Michelle Fawbert continuing as Secretary.

The Council member to be approved at the SSBA AGM is Tim Dunn.