Kirkby Stephen Inlamb Sale – 9th February 2023

09 : 02 : 23

Venue: Kirkby Stephen Auction Mart

Judge: Joseph Nattrass

Aged Ewe

Placing Exhibitor Lot Number
1st DJ Coates Lot 40
2nd P Hallam Lot 32
3rd P Hallam Lot 33
4th T Brogden Lot 53

Gimmer Shearling

Placing Exhibitor Lot Number
1st DC&KL Hutchinson Lot 13
2nd GH&C Marwood Lot 5
3rd GH&C Marwood Lot 4
4th JR Dalton Lot 25

Gimmer Hogg

Placing Exhibitor Lot Number
1st TW Hutchinson Lot 22
2nd GH&C Marwood Lot 6
3rd GH&C Marwood Lot 3
4th TW Hutchinson Lot 20

Best Conformation

Placing Exhibitor Lot Number
1st GH&C Marwood Lot 4
2nd M&EM Wilson Lot 35
3rd T Brogden Lot 53
4th DJ Coates Lot 41

Swaledale Champions

Category Exhibitor Animal
SUPREME CHAMPION DJ Coates Aged Ewe - Lot 40
RESERVE CHAMPION DC&KL Hutchinson Gimmer Shearling - Lot 13

Kirkby Stephen Individual ewe sale report

Daryl Coates, The Chancel, continued his successful trade from Bentham to Kirkby Stephen at the individual inlamb and gimmer hogg sale on Thursday evening by securing the pre-sale championship with a 2018 born ewe.  Sired by Aygill Loyal, a son of the £86,000 Rukin, she was sold carrying twins to the £10,000 Weardale Estate Eric Prydz for the sale’s top price of £5,500 to T Brogden, Helbeck.

Next was the champion’s natural born twin sister, which sold again inlamb to the Weardale Estate’s Eric Prydz for £2,500 to J Bland, Thwaite Bridge.  Both of these two leading ladies were twin daughters of the ewe which Eric won Muker Show with in 2017.

Longevity is a major attribute of the breed, none more so than Daryl’s 2013 born ewe, sired by Aygill Commander which sold for £1,200 again to the Helbeck flock. This ewe was the actual mother of the ewe which Eric won Muker Show with in 2017.

Paul Hallam, High Birkwith Farm, who’s son Robbie claimed the champion tickets at Hawes and J36 ewe sales earlier in the month, is never far away, this time he stood 2nd and 3rd in the strong aged ewe class, and took the second top price of the night.  Selling at £4,000 was an Oakbank Endeavour sired ewe born in 2020, which sold inlamb to Oakbank General to J Tully, Burncroft Farm.  His next, sired by the same tup, and sold inlamb to Hellboy, sold for £2,600, again to Burncroft.

Brandon Acton, Hawes, had a successful trip with two ewes, the first, sired by a Graham Scarr tup and inlamb to a Richard Harker, sold for £1,700 to Will Porter, Summer Lodge, whilst the second ewe, again inlamb to the Richard Harker, sold for £1,300 to Messrs Parkinson, Hareden.

The pre-sale Reserve Champion and 1st prize gimmer shearling from Craig and Katherine Hutchinson, Old Spittal, sold for £1,200 to Gus Dalton. The gimmer hogg section was led by Geoff & Carol Marwood’s Long Green flock, when their Arnold Lancaster sired hogg sold for £800 to Frank Brennand, Ellerbeck. Others from Tom Hutchinson, Bail Hill sold for £700 to J Metcalfe and £500 to A Hartley, both sired by their homebred Kingshaugh Horatio.

At the conclusion of the ewes, the annual sale of Flock Books saw a strong demand for the older editions, with a 1922 book selling for £710 to Robin Booth.  Other noted prices were as follows:

1923 (1 Book) – £500

1924 (1 Book) – £420

1925 (1 Book)  – £130

1926-1927 (2 Books) – £280

1929-1930 (2 Books) – £210

1931-1933 (3 Books) – £260


Leading female prices:

GH&C Marwood – 800
DC&KL Hutchinson – 1300, 700
TW Hutchinson – 700, 500
JR Dalton – 600
B Acton – 1300, 1700
P Hallam – 4000, 2600
M&EM Wilson – 1000, 500
PE&KA Sowerby – 2000
DJ Coates – 5500, 2500, 1200, 1000, 1200
AD Coates & Son – 800
T Brogden – 800, 500



17 Aged Ewes – £1538

6 Gimmer Shearlings – £700

3 Gimmer Hoggs – £575



Harrison & Hetherington


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