D District – 10 October 2023

10 : 10 : 23

Venue: St John's Chapel, Weardale

Judges: Aged Rams - M Dent, Wythes Hill, Large Breeders Shearlings - S Bland, Cotegill & N Raine, Stanhope Gate, Small Breeders Shearlings - R Hutchinson, Valley Farm & C Gillespie, Donegal

Small Breeders Shearling Ram

Placing Exhibitor Lot Number
1st V Reed 5
2nd M Emerson 106
3rd R Pattinson 54
4th J Colllingwood 197
5th R Burniston 213
6th R Pattinson 55

Large Breeders Shearling Ram

Placing Exhibitor Lot Number
1st J Reed 2
2nd D Humble 251
3rd S & K Emmott 8
4th E Gowland 227
5th N Dalton 187
6th D Humble 250

Best Conformation Shearling Ram

Placing Exhibitor Lot Number
1st M Emerson 105
2nd D Hall 238
3rd J Bowes 37
4th T Edgar 104
5th J Pritchard 166
6th JP Lee 265

Swaledale Champions

Category Exhibitor Animal
Supreme Champion J Reed Lot 2
Reserve Champion V Reed Lot 5

The Swaledale Sheep Breeders Association D District held their annual prize show and sale of Swaledale Rams at St John’s Chapel (Barnard Castle Auction Mart) with a catalogued entry of  282, comprising 1 Aged Ram and 281 Shearling Rams.

From the well supported show classes which saw 29 shearlings pulled out for the Large breeder class, 16 in the small breeder class, 18 in the conformation class and 3 in the group of three.

The Championship was decided by judges Steven Bland and Robert Hutchinson who selected the 1st prize Large Breeder shearling from John Reed, Knarr Farm as the Overall champion and the 1st prize Small breeder shearling from Vanessa Reed, Knarr Farm as their Reserve Champion. A Fantastic achievement for the father and daughter duo from Slaggyford.

Following a short presentation to Maurice Oxley as a show of thanks from D District for his long service on SSBA Council before retiring earlier this year, the Champion was first into the ring and what a way to start the sale.  The shearling, Knarr RH1, which was sired by a ram purchased from R Harker & Son, Grayrigg Hall, sold in a three-way split to Robert Hutchinson, Valley Farm, Peter Lightfoot, Gillside and David Allinson, West Briscoe, for £20,000. The Reserve Champion followed into the ring only a couple of shearlings later selling for £4,000 to Martin Wilson, Arngill House.

Mick Emmerson took the Conformation class title which sold for £3,400 to Tom Edgar, and Eric Gowland was placed 1st with his Group of Three, and they  all sold in excess of £1,000.

It was great to see so many people around the pens and ringside, both old and new faces created a fantastic atmosphere, credit must go to all vendors for presenting some tremendous shearlings which saw competitive bidding throughout the sale.

The sale saw 252 shearlings forward with 239 being sold making a clearance of 94.84% and a sale average pf £889.00 (+£102.00 on 2022).

Many thanks to the following people: Libby and Maurice, auctioneers, all BCAM staff, the judges, sponsors, Sarah Harvey Design (catalogue), Rachel Watson photography, Rachel Buckle, Greg Dalton, Graham Carrick and everyone who helped in supporting me in the run up to the sale.

Finally I would like to thank all vendors,  purchasers, and spectators, many of whom travelled great distances to be at the sale and for making it a success;  we look forward to welcoming you back to St John’s in 2024.

Fay Johnson

D District Secretary


Sale Highlight

  • Lot 2 from J Reed  sold for £20,000 to M/s Lightfoot, D Allinson and R Hutchinson & Son

St John’s Chapel leading prices (£1000 plus)
J Reed 20000
V Reed 4000
S & K Emmott 1100, 1700
JC White 1600, 1300
H Huddleston 1300
J Bowes 1400, 2400
K & HA Ridley 1100
RJ Wigham 2000
M & R Pattinson 2500
GA & JM Maw 1100
L Smith & Co 2000
PH McVittie 1800, 1100
T Collingwood 2200
JRD Short 1000
T Edgar 1800, 1200
MW Emerson 3400, 3500, 2500, 1400
JH Emerson 2000, 3200, 2000
W Parker 2000, 1800, 1800
JL Archer 2600, 3800, 2100, 2200
W & J Raine 1000, 2800
JL Wilkinson 1000
J Pritchard 1800
K & SM Johnson 1200
G & A Carrick 2500, 2000, 1800
E Gowland 3500, 1400, 2500, 2000, 1050, 1800
T Hall & Son 2100, 2000, 4000, 1100, 1600
JT Green 1600, 1400
JP Lee 4800, 2500, 1600
MJ Lee 3700, 2400, 4100, 2600, 1900, 1900



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