AGM 2021

16 : 12 : 21

District A

District B

District C

District D

District E

News from the Swaledale Sheep Breeders AGM


Last night, the AGM took place in The Pavilion, Stanhope Showfield, Weardale.

The Chairman of the Association, Will Cockbain was re-elected, along with Vice-Chairman, Greg Dalton and the Vice-Presidents J Burton, R Spensley, W Wood, JW Porter & M Oxley.

Council members from each District were confirmed, in place of those retiring:

A District – David Allinson, Peter Walton

B District – Malcolm Allinson, John Dixon

C District – Alan Alderson, Randal Raine

D District – Greg Dalton, Graham Carrick

E District – Reg Peirson

Also, for B District, Philip Metcalfe was confirmed to take their vacant seat.


The President from 1st January 2022 was confirmed as D District’s nomination, Dick Dalton, South Wellhope.