Hot Hill Limelight, 1600
Black Cleugh Amigo
Res Champion from MW Emerson, Eastgate Porter 1
Eastgate Porter2
Champion at the Swaledale D District sale, held at St John s Chapel was JR Dalton, South Wellhope with Wellhope B Hill1st, which sold t
Top price at the D District swaledale ram sale went to Billing Porter 4th from I Collinson, Billing Shield, which sold to Messrs Emerson for
Billing Porter 5th, 1600
Hillside ColAnne 3 from WD Thompson
1st prize in the Confirmation class from T Hall - Son, The Raw
Low Crossgill Percy, 2nd prize Large Breeders
Battle Hill Demon, Res Champ Aged ram
Group of 3 Winners from JR Dalton, South Wellhope
AM Skidmore, Wolfcleugh, 1600
Ambling Battleship, Champion aged ram, I Huddleston