C district friday
Ghyll House Vertigo, sold to WH - M Hutchinson, Uldale
Ghyll House Vantastic made 8200
Ghyll House Vamoose, 4500 to J Burton
Wolfcleugh Q Sid  from MW Skidmore Ltd made 3000 selling to Messrs Blades
Meadow Bank Mar2 1st from R hargreaves was commended, LB, C district
Quarry LG 1 made 4000 to Messrs Parkinson, Harden
Quarry RSH 1 3800
Saddleback JR Tres 1 from G Cartmel made 1400
West Briscoe Dambuster, 3500
West Briscoe Ding Dong
Deepdale Hall Luminous from JR Brown was 2nd in the small breeders
Flitholme Del Boy from Paul Chester
Billing Porter 1st made 4500
High Lane Rebel from Paul Capstick was the Small breeders champion
Res Champion on Friday was Helbeck Prince 13th, from S-P Brogden, selling to Messrs Raine, Coach - Horses for 11000
Long Green Picasso, male champion at Tan Hill, made 5500
Long Green RM from R Marwood - sons made 7500 selling to Paul Hallam
Champion on the fridays sale and the top price over the two day sale, making 15500, selling to E Nelson, Bull - Cave was Ghyll Ho